Trash Compactor Repair | Garbage Disposal Repair | Warrenton, VA
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Start fresh with a new appliance

There are some issues that can't be repaired. If your garbage disposal or trash compactor is broken beyond repair, we will get your home equipped again with a new appliance.


Let us handle removing the old appliance, replacing it, and cleaning up.

Give us a call today to find out more about our trash compactor and garbage disposal repair services


Keep your kitchen fresh and clean

A clean kitchen helps keep your home fresher and your family healthier. Having a trash compactor or garbage disposal can make this easier, but if the appliances malfunction you could be dealing with an unsanitary mess. Call us to make it easier to keep your home clean.

Don't let a messy, unpleasant situation get any worse. Ask us about same-day appointments for fast and dependable repairs.


Troubleshooting common problems

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Ask how you can SAVE on your repairs with a FREE service call based on minimum repairs.

• The garbage disposal or trash compactor won't turn on

• The motor is whining, but the appliance isn't actually working

• The garbage disposal is backing up or clogging

• The trash compactor won't open or close